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  • Used van sales a realistic version of 'Pimp My Ride'

    Interior of a plush van from M4 Van Sales Wiltshire

    Although it’s now an accepted part of the language, the term ‘Pimp My Ride’ comes from the show of that name, which only debuted in the US eleven years ago. Some amazing vehicles have been created responding to this theme. For example, in the US, number ten on a recent list of luxury converted motorhomes came in at around half-a-million dollars! Number five hit the million mark, and at the top of the tree, for just $3m you could enjoy hand-cut wooden flooring, stunning marble countertops, and a staircase leading to the top deck and a full-length sunroof.

    Okay, back to reality. Here at M4 Sales, as the UK’s leading commercial vehicle dealership, we appreciate that your motoring needs (if not desires) may be much more modest than this! Yet we also know that many people do customise the vehicles they buy from us. This is usually simply to help with their daily working life. It might be that you have a need to keep delivery parcels secured in place, or want to arrange a safe and accessible home for your tools as you move from job to job. Others might be used for a specific purpose, such as offering an emergency service – from vehicle breakdown and recovery to emergency plumbing or locksmiths.

    Therefore, the show’s title might be a bit too fanciful for such everyday used van customisation. Our M4 Van Sales Team have put their thinking caps on though, and tried to find titles for some of our most popular vehicles. What do you think of ‘Tart Up a Transit’, ‘Tool Up A Transporter’, or ‘Spruce Up A Sprinter’ (although, of course, we do that with every vehicle before you’re allowed near them)? When we got to ‘Do Up A Daily” we couldn’t take it any more – so, if you have any ideas, please don’t tell us!

    It’s probably just as well we stopped. If we had to work through all our quality used vans for sale here in Wiltshire, and selections from at least fifteen top manufacturers are usually available, then even worse brain-fade would soon have gripped us.

    Interestingly, as the economic recovery slowly takes hold, one area where you can clearly see this is in increasing van sales. Whether upgrading a current old faithful, or for new construction projects or the delivery of more and more ecommerce purchases, perhaps for setting up a small business, the versatility and utility of the humble van, tipper, pick-up, dropside, crew van and more, is always appreciated.

    So, to make your choice, simply click here or call 01793 297579 now and tell us what you are looking for.