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  • Why couriers should stick to vans

    Courier Vans

    Any courier knows the advantages of their job, particularly when it comes to the versatility and comfort of having your own vehicle to make deliveries in. However, some often choose to stick to their everyday family car to operate from, which isn't always the best option due to a high amount of usage, other family needs, and general expense. A far more suitable alternative is to buy a van for working hours. Whether new or used, it'll do the trick for happier day-to-day business. Here's why.

    A more professional appearance

    It looks far more professional to conduct a courier delivery service from a van. Especially if you're proud of your work, it's always better to look the part, and a regular car doesn't always cut it, whereas vans are synonymous with business. A clean, waxed van will ensure parcel recipients know that their delivery is taken seriously and therefore you're not only doing yourself a favour, but keeping your employers happy, too.


    When you buy a new or used van from dealers such as M4 Sales, you know that you're going to get a vehicle that will be fit for the job. With your usual car implemented for business too, you're likely to not be as certain about its reliability, especially if it's a few years old. If your van dealer also offers extras like warranty, you can have even more peace of mind between deliveries that your van is up to the task.

    Lowered expenses

    Purchasing a van to use for courier deliveries may seem like a hit to finances, as any large buy can be; however, it's a much more cost-effective option in the long run. Not only do you receive the aforementioned benefits, but you're not running your personal vehicle into the ground either through miles or general ware, and therefore there will be no nasty surprises on your family car's next MOT.