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  • Would you prefer customised office space or a private bathroom in your company van?

    This Mercedes van features a toilet and an office! While are customers have never asked for these features we are sure they may have been needed at one time!

    To be honest, that’s not a question that we have ever needed to ask any of the many folk who choose from the wide range of quality commercial vehicles for sale here at M4 Sales in Swindon and Lyneham. Although, on reflection, quite a few of them probably have been pressed into service from time to time as the equivalent of a mobile office for our on-the-move business customers.

    This train of thought happened because one of the team found an article online about a Mercedes Sprinter van that had been converted – for a reported cost of more than £200K - into a beyond-luxurious up to 8-passenger people carrier. This included the sumptuous custom-built quilted leather seats with electric headrests, a luxury bathroom, office, fridge and entertainment system – and a two-metre glass roof!

    As we write this blog we currently have a trio of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans or tippers available here in Wiltshire. The sad news is that none have any of the above luxuries, because we know our customers simply expect their vans to work hard and help them make money. The good news is that each is available for just about 6% of the reported cost of that pimped-up supervan!

    Of course, we also offer a huge selection of used vans for sale by many other manufacturers, including Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Vauxhall and more. If you are looking for minibuses to transport staff, sports or school teams and the like, that’s another sixty plus choices we have waiting for inspection online or in Lyneham.

    A world away from the luxury van mentioned above, many of our customers simply want that reliable, day in day out, transport solution their business needs to function effectively. We’re happy to say that, here at M4 Sales, that’s where we come in!