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  • Businesses you could start with your own van

    If you have a love for driving and are shopping around for a new vehicle, why not consider turning that vehicle into a brand new career?

    Invest in a van for your new business

    Purchasing a low cost van can be more than just a treat for yourself, it can also be a very wise investment. Many people have pursued new careers after purchasing a van and it can be a lot easier than you would think.

    Here are just a few of businesses you could start just by purchasing a low cost van:

    Courier services

    People will always need packages delivering from one place to another, and there's lots of money to be made by cashing in on this market.

    Advertise businesses

    If you're constantly on the road, there are plenty of local businesses who would be willing to pay to advertise on the side of your van.

    Helping people move homes

    Moving homes is a stressful time for all homeowners. A lot of time they are willing to pay for someone to load up a van with their possessions and safely take them to their new home. You could also offer your assistance to people looking to get rid of waste they don't need.

    Van rental

    Even if you aren't planning to use the van yourself, you can rent it out to people throwing an event or moving home. This could bring in a substantial amount of cash and it won't be long before you recoup what you paid for the van.

    Airport transfer services

    If you live near an airport, transferring people and all of their bags from their home to the airport can be another way to make good money with your van.

    Delivering food to homes in your area

    Approach shop owners in your local area who may be interested in delivering fresh foods to their customers.

    Whatever you're planning on using your vehicle for, you can find an excellent selection of used vans here at M4 Sales' Van Centre.