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  • Keeping your used vans and minibuses healthy

    Van with its engine out

    One of our M4 Servicing Team said recently that he can never work out why TV forecasters are always so cheerful when predicting cold, wet and worse weather. Maybe they live in an enclosed community, wafted by gentle, tropical air conditioning! The rest of us know, as we slip or slosh around, that it’s important to make sure that the used van or minibus that you bought from our Wiltshire Van or Minibus Centre - or elsewhere – is always fit for purpose.

    That’s why we have recently seriously expanded our servicing capabilities with the creation of our M4 Service and MOT Centre here on the Westmead Industrial Estate in Swindon. This adds to our existing workshop facility in Lyneham near Chippenham. 

    The President of the USA and M4 Sales

    We don’t quote President Barack Obama that often. However, his election slogan of: “Yes we can!” perfectly matches the attitude that we always try to adopt throughout our servicing and warranty and other repairs operation. Our goal is quality workmanship while you suffer the minimum of disruption or off-road time. For example, it’s “yes” to MOT for Class I to V, plus class VII, often while you relax in our comfortable waiting area with refreshments and free WIFI. It’s also an affirmative to specialist servicing and diagnostic repair facilities with highly-experienced technicians to cover all petrol, LPG and diesel used minibuses and vans. To ask any questions or quickly book a convenient appointment simply call us on 01793 619200. Alternatively, you can book online here and now at

    Many more yesses

    From fitting tow bars or air conditioning to enhancing vehicle security, supplying and fitting tachographs or speed limiters to interior ply lining, it’s all “yes”. Add beacons, worklights, hands-free, or power management upgrades too. There’s so much more, but enough for now. It’s beginning to sound like a scene from “When Harry Met Sally”! Whatever work you need done to your used minibus or van, give us a call and we aim to say – you’ve guessed!