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  • The best small vans for startups

    These are the best vans for start-ups

    If you’re just getting started in business, and you’re looking for a van, there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Perhaps you’re fed up with renting, or just need the flexibility a van of your own can offer. Either way, let’s have a look at the best options out there for a small startup business.

    Clearly, you need to think about the size of van you’ll need. A small florist will have very different requirements to a builder. Don’t try to get away with a small van if you’re going to be carrying heavy loads. While you may save a few pounds with the purchase price, not only is it dangerous to overload a van, there’s also a financial penalty if the police catch you exceeding the weight allowed.

    Let’s start by looking at hybrids – the van form of some popular cars. If you don’t carry much equipment, these might be a perfect fit for you. Ford make the Fiesta Van, and Vauxhall make a Corsa Van, which offer all the benefits of a small car, such as fuel economy, power steering, air conditioning and sport seats. However, what you won’t get is a great deal of space. Imagine taking out the rear seats from a small car, and that’s the space you’ve got.

    If you’re looking for a compact van, Citroen’s Nemo, Peugeot’s Bipper and Renault’s Kangoo are popular choices. These small vans are nippy around town, and have a decent capacity for those of you with a small travelling load, such as window cleaners, IT technicians and photographers.

    Next up in size is something like VW’s Transporter, or Renault’s Trafic. These are a popular choice for couriers and builders who are just getting started. The Transporter comes with a lot of options – add windows to make it into a minibus, a dual clutch transmission offering the best of automatic or manual transmission, and a “Sportline” version which gives your horsepower a boost.

    If you’re getting started in the world of business, and need the right van for your company, come and have a chat with M4 Sales. We know our vans, and we’d be happy to help advise you on the best choice.