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  • How to keep your van or minibus safe and secure throughout 2017

    Van Security

    If your business relies on a van or minibus – whether you are a sole trader or manage a fleet of vehicles - safety and security should be issues that keep you on your toes! Here are three developments you should be aware of as we head further into 2017:

    1. Look out for catalytic converter thieves

    A rising problem to keep in mind when storing vehicles overnight is that a crackdown on some forms of metal thefts in the UK has led to creative thinking by criminals. They are now targeting catalytic converters on vehicles, which can cripple your van and leave it off the road for days. According to a BBC investigation, thefts of catalytic converters have doubled in the last few years. As it is far easier to get underneath a van than a car, commercial vehicles are especially at risk, so police are working closely with haulage organisations to find ways of foiling thieves.

    2. Invest in driver training

    Meanwhile, a more positive trend is helping owner-managers to cut the cost of running vans and minibuses for business – better options for driver training. The government has calculated that one million UK company cars are involved in an accident every year. Apart from causing business disruption and increased premiums, these accidents can also lead to lost reputation. Not surprisingly then, advanced training courses for drivers are rising in popularity. These not only boost safety but also bring down fuel costs and insurance premiums. There are even calls for NVQ qualifications for business drivers!

    3. Ensure vehicle insurance is up to date

    As the UK’s passion for online shopping and home delivery continues to boom, more and more enterprises are looking for vans to deliver goods. Plus, economic uncertainty is driving people towards start-up businesses to generate a second income – including "man with a van" ventures and other enterprises that require four wheels. Whether you have a new start-up business or an existing enterprise, the most important advice for managing the risks involved - including covering you for security and accidents – is to make sure your vehicle insurance is up to date and adequate.

    Contact M4 Car Sales to make sure that at least buying the right van or minibus can be worry free and one less risk to take.