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  • Schools in for minibuses

    Used Minibuses for Schools

    In the home, this is often the time for that dreaded spring-clean! Outside, people’s thoughts turn to getting out and about, enjoying the countryside, being involved in sports and other activities. Here at M4 Sales, with all this in mind, and the budget and its finance implications still fresh in our thoughts, we know from our many school clients that this is the time of year when careful consideration is given to the key area of pupil transport.

    As a supplier of quality used minibuses to many schools and children’s charities and organisations, both throughout Wiltshire and far beyond, we’re ready to help and happy to answer any questions you might have and to discuss your specific needs.

    One question that has often been brought up in the past is that of a unique and identifying finish for any minibus. We have been told that it’s a real hassle, having sourced just the kind of minibus that’s needed, then to have to find another company to add the design, logo, or livery that’s required.

    This is why, here at M4 Sales, we are happy to complete the job for you. As you can see on our Facebook page, we have already undertaken such work for a wide range of organisations, including local football clubs and councils. Amongst the schools and groups we have delivered a liveried minibus to are Chalkwell Hall Schools in Essex, and Prince Avenue Academy, plus a range of nurseries and child-minding groups, the RAF Air Cadets, scout groups, and others.

    There are usually around seventy different quality used minibuses, in a range of sizes and configurations, including wheelchair access, available for inspection online or from our specialised centre, seven days a week, close to the M4 itself at Lyneham Banks here in Wiltshire. If you’d like a chat, simply call one of our specialised team on 01249 248983. Incidentally, if you don’t see exactly what you need, we’d hope to be able to source it for you from our many industry contacts.