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  • Great news about vans and VAT for 2015

    Illustration of a white van

    Did you know that value added tax has been part of our lives here in the UK for over 40 years? It is surely disliked as much, or even more, now as when it was first introduced and is the third largest source of government revenue after income tax and National Insurance. We all know it can add substantially to all transport costs, nowhere more so than when purchasing that much needed company vehicle.

    Of course, none of this is the good news we promised. Indeed, we might have made the dank days of January that touch more miserable for you. So here is your terrific mood-brightener from M4 Sales: when you click on this link. you’ll surely be thrilled to discover our new section specifically created to offer you a wide range of terrific – and no VAT – vans here in our Wiltshire used vans centre. This is where you’ll regularly find 40 or more superb quality vans and minibuses – all with that no-VAT promise attached – meaning superb value for you. That sound you can hear might just be a serious gnashing of teeth from the taxmen of our nation!

    So, whether it’s a Vauxhall Combo or Ford Transit Connect to get you quickly and fully equipped to every job, or a larger Fiat Ducato or Iveco Daily to move supplies, this new no-VAT vans source offers great choices. There are also usually Ford Transit Minibuses or Mercedes MPVs available to move teams or staff around, plus many other Nissan, VW or Toyota and other options regularly in stock.

    Our friendly and helpful team here at M4 Sales are keen to wish you a happy and profitable new year and provide a great starting investment with these superb quality vat-free vans and minibuses!