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  • Why your business would benefit from having a minibus

    Used mini buses

    We supply minibuses to all kinds of organisations, from local football teams to scout groups, schools and everyone else in-between.

    The reason we end up working with such a diverse range of organisations is because it's one of those vehicles that can be useful for all sorts of workplaces, with a certain versatility about it that your average car or van doesn't have. Here's a few of the perks that having a minibus can bring to your business.

    Attending events together

    It's always frustrating when you've spent ages organising a work trip only for a few people to get lost on the way and turn up late. But when you're all travelling separately, that's going to happen most times.

    With a minibus or two, you can take large groups in one go and make sure everyone turns up at the same time. Not only that, but most get a rest from driving and are therefore more energised for the day's events, plus they've had some time to bond with teammates - something every manager can appreciate is good for the workforce.

    Convenience for disabled employees

    With its additional size, a minibus is able to accommodate the sort of facilities physically disabled employees need that an ordinary car simply can't carry. These include side-step functions and wheelchair access for easier entrances and exits.

    Having these in place makes life easier not only for certain disabled employees, but for those undergoing short-term injuries too. These could happen to anyone, so it's best to be prepared.

    No space problems

    Whether it's carrying the team's football gear to an away match or a large pile of files to another office, in many businesses, having a bit of extra space is never a bad thing.

    Although vans can provide this, they're not the comfiest vehicle to be sat in the back of. With a minibus, you can choose between extra passengers or extra equipment - and, if need be, even a bit of both.