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  • 5 reasons to sell your van to a reputable dealer like M4 Sales

    31/05/2017 08:23:05

    van buyer

    Disposing of your commercial vehicles is a big decision for any business. You need to make sure you get the best possible price while limiting the amount of time spent dealing with the process.

    You could choose to sell your vans privately, and you would probably

  • Is it time to get an MOT and van service?

    15/05/2017 10:03:00

    van servicing

    When you regularly use your van for work or domestic purposes, you need to ensure that it is safe and reliable, especially when those winter months start to creep in. Below we explore why and when you might need a service and what to look for in a service centre.

  • Our current top three forecourt picks

    28/04/2017 11:35:00

    top picks

    At M4 Sales we're pretty proud of our wide selection of new and used vans. Ideal for everything, from use as a business vehicle to helping transport your child's luggage to and from uni, a van is a great addition to families and companies everywhere. And when it's a u

  • 4 ways to finance your van purchase

    18/04/2017 13:40:32


    As we work with finance methods every day, it becomes very easy to assume that everybody knows about each option and the differences between them. Of course, that isn't the case, so here's a very brief description of each of the four ways we can offer van finance packages. Read the full blog story

  • A new van can benefit your business

    31/03/2017 10:37:08

    work van

    You may not realise it but buying a new van can have a significant impact on your business. Here we look at some of the ways a new van can boost your appeal.


    Your image is everything and by driving a new van you give off the impressio

  • Hidden in the depths of our sales testimonials...

    22/03/2017 15:32:05


    Hidden in the depths of our sales testimonials are some interesting comments and thoughts. At M4 Sales we always pay particular attention to these, simply because what one person found beneficial might be of use to many others. So, here are some points we would lik

  • Do you have the right commercial vehicle insurance?

    02/03/2017 05:57:14

    Commercial Van Insurance

    Getting the right commercial vehicle insurance is essential for any business owner, whether you run a van, pickup, lorry, minibus, flatbed or anything else.

    Here at the M4 Van Centre, we can help you get the best cover.

    Read the full blog story

  • Top 2 reasons to buy a used minibus

    22/02/2017 14:51:04

    minibus mercedes

    If you are considering purchasing a minibus, there are many reasons why a used minibus could be an ideal option for you. Used minibuses are a much cheaper option than purchasing a brand new vehicle. You will need to contemplate the size of minibus you need

  • How to keep your van or minibus safe and secure throughout 2017

    31/01/2017 15:29:44

    Van Security

    If your business relies on a van or minibus – whether you are a sole trader or manage a fleet of vehicles - safety and security should be issues that keep you on your toes! Here are three developments you should be aware of as we head further into 2017:

  • 5 reasons to install a van racking system

    19/01/2017 15:37:54

    van racking

    When you get your shiny new van, it’s tempting to load it up with all your tools and equipment. A van is for business after all, so the sooner you get it to work the better. But wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to keep all your screws, fixings and eq

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