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  • Buying your first van

    02/11/2015 12:32:12

    Advice for first time van buyers

    Your business is expanding and you're thinking that now might be the right time to buy your first van, but you're not sure where to start. Here are some of the things you should bear in mind.

    When is the time right?


  • Choosing your perfect used campervan

    23/10/2015 14:04:18

    Choosing your perfect campervan

    Whether you’re looking to put life on hold and go travelling for a year or just enjoy weekends away, a camper van gives you an unrivalled freedom. Picture the scene; it’s a Friday lunchtime and you manage to knock off work early. So you

  • What to look for in a used van

    01/10/2015 16:01:13

    We’d all love a shiny new van, but a used van can offer massive savings that you can spend on other areas of the business and often they’re just as good as a brand new machine. If your van is going to take a beating, too, then it makes no sense to spend a lot more on shiny paint that is going to get scratched in any case.

    If you’re looking at a used van, though, you wa

  • The iconic International Autojumble 2015

    16/09/2015 12:13:05

    The world famous International Autojumble was back again earlier this September, with visitors enjoying over 2,000 stands stuffed with motoring parts, accessories, tools, automobilia, clothing and literature.

    Europe's largest outdoor motor sales event

  • Which work van is right for you?

    28/08/2015 18:54:25

    We have a choice of commercial vans

    When it comes to choosing a van for work, you need to pick the right one for you. This is going to be the ride that earns you your living, puts food on the table, and pays the mortgage. It may even end up being yo

  • When it comes to your MOT, don't get ripped off

    19/08/2015 14:07:43

    Car having it's annual MOT service

    When MOT time comes around it can bring with it a sense of impending doom. It's so easy to get ripped off when you take your car into a garage and, if your vehicle fails its MOT, you could find yourself faced with a hefty

  • Noticing used vans in Wiltshire and beyond!

    30/07/2015 11:53:24

    There was a recent report in the US wondering why vans owned by Apple were appearing in streets throughout the country. Although the company would neither confirm nor deny it, the consensus view seemed to be that they were collecting mapping data for their answer to Google Maps – and that this might result in a street level version of its 3D city maps – using business shop fronts fo

  • Ford transit van, the perfect lift in Wiltshire

    26/05/2015 13:45:28

    Transit Van with crane in Wiltshire cartoon drawing

    Here at M4 Van Sales, we are currently able to offer a used Ford Transit for sale with its own crane – more details of this later – which set us to wondering when cranes were fi

  • Used van sales a realistic version of 'Pimp My Ride'

    18/05/2015 15:17:08

    Interior of a plush van from M4 Van Sales Wiltshire

    Although it’s now an accepted part of the language, the term ‘Pimp My Ride’ comes from the show of that name, which only debuted in the US eleven years ago. Some amazing veh

  • Sell Your Van To Us

    30/04/2015 13:44:46

    Sell Your Van in Wiltshire

    There are many reasons which would provide your answer to this question. Perhaps you are actually looking to part exchange for another vehicle, maybe as your business expands. Or, it may be that a larger van is needed as the work you

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