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Even better than Antiques Roadshow a vintage van in London on-the-road show!

March 12th, 2015

Check out this classic van for sale at M4 Sales

You may have seen that moment on this programme when an expert first sets their eyes on something that suddenly changes their whole demeanour. There is an instant excitement, almost a touch of disbelief that what has been presented before them is the real thing. In the motor trade, such moments are even rarer. When Tom and Martin, our bosses here at M4 Sales, were introduced to a show-stopping Ford Escort Mk 1 van, they were stunned.

As you’ll see here some work was needed to restore it to its former glory. This was carried out with love and care, and again you can see an amazing result. Registered in 1972 – the vans themselves were only produced from 1968 onwards – this 1.6 4-door 8cwt white classic has just 52,000 miles under its belt. We now, reluctantly, offer it for sale.

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Let’s be upfront about this; it will be an expensive purchase, but will surely make an unforgettable impression for whichever business is wise enough to make the investment. We could well imagine that a London property management company could use this traffic-stopper and conversation-starter, classic Ford van to service those key clients in places such as Belgravia, Chelsea or Mayfair. Perhaps a handyman operating in Kensington or Pall Mall will reap the benefit. We could almost imagine the gates of Downing Street being specially reopened, or a smart salute from the guard as it sweeps across the gravel and into Buck House itself! Perhaps not, but…

In an age where everything seems to sweep forward at an increasing pace, we reckon that the bold marketing move is to take a step back in time. A different approach and a stand out opportunity. We do know, at the end of the day, that we will have to prise it reluctantly from Martin and Tom’s fingers (gloved of course). Even they appreciate, however, that a vehicle such as this needs to be used and noticed.

Imagine this classic van roaming the streets of London as your service or promotional vehicle. Could you be its owner number seven? If you think so, call 01793 297579 for a confidential discussion.M4 Old Van

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