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Which work van is right for you?

August 28th, 2015

When it comes to choosing a van for work, you need to pick the right one for you. This is going to be the ride that earns you your living, puts food on the table, and pays the mortgage. It may even end up being your bed for the night. You’ll get to know your van inside out, so you want to make sure you purchase correctly. There is more than just reliability to think of here; you need to think about all aspects of your work requirements, as well as any creature comforts that will make your working day more enjoyable. So, here goes:

Van size/weight

This is perhaps the main overriding factor when choosing a van. You need to make sure the vehicle is rated to carry the loads you expect to carry. Having an under-spec van is dangerous and illegal. Always take a tape measure with you; can you fit your materials in the back of the van? If not, does it have the capacity for fitting a sturdy enough roof rack? Do you need a van with extra seats?


Where will you be driving your van? If it’s mainly motorways and industrial estates, you can use pretty much any van you like. If you’ll need to negotiate dense city traffic or tight spaces, this must be taken into consideration. Check out the turning circle; there can be a lot of difference between models.


Will a side, as well as back door be useful for you? Do you need both sides to open?


Always check whether the heating or air-con is adequate for your work. If you often work in extremely cold places, consider a van with a cab that is sealed from the storage space. This is far easier to keep warm.

Special requirements for your work van

As well as obvious things you may need like refrigeration, would features like a tail lift make your job easier? Is there the capacity to add any extra electronics that you may require?

Which work van is right for you?

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