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5 reasons to install a van racking system

January 19th, 2017

When you get your shiny new van, it’s tempting to load it up with all your tools and equipment. A van is for business after all, so the sooner you get it to work the better. But wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to keep all your screws, fixings and equipment in one space so they don’t slide all over the place?

Well, a van racking system could be the answer, but the general consensus is that these systems are expensive and a bit of vanity project. But often, they’re actually an absolute necessity for all tradesman and fitters, who work out of their vans each day.

To help persuade you, here are 5 reasons you should install a racking system in your van.


Keeping your consumables in trays can save you 5 to 10 minutes of searching each day. That’s 25 minutes a week extra to spend with your family or drinking down the pub. Plus it makes it much easier to see at a glance which consumables are running low, making stock management much easier.

When it comes to packing away, you can easily see which tools are missing. How many times have you left a drill or a hammer at a customer’s house? Having a racking system solves this problem for you.


Vans are expensive, not only to buy, but to run. So it makes no sense buying a van that is too big for your needs. The trouble is most trades people don’t organise their van the same way they do the rest of their business. But by organising your tools and consumables, you’ll be able to work much quicker and maybe even get away with using a smaller van. That alone will cover the cost of racking, many times over.


How often do your tools get damaged crashing around in the back of your van. Like all good tradesman your tools are an investment, so you should look after them. By having a special place for each tool, they will not only last longer, but you’ll be able to find them quicker and see at a glance when ones are missing. Saving you valuable time and money.


You might think customers don’t care about how you keep your van, but nothing could be further from the truth. If a customer sees your van is messy, they will automatically assume that is how you work.

By having a properly organised van with everything in its place, you are portraying a much more professional image. Your customer will now assume you are a neat worker, reassuring them you are a suitable for working in their home. You may find that you increase your quote win ratio, just by having a properly organised, neat and professional looking van.


Every minute you spend in the back of your van searching for something, you are increasing stress levels. Stress is proven to lower your immune response, increasing the likelihood of you getting sick. It also increases your chances of getting heart disease and diabetes in later life. So the less stress you expose yourself to, the better.

Who knew a simple racking system could make you more productive, earn you more money with increased work and referrals, and lower your stress levels. They are a must have for tradespeople and their vans.

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