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Boost your van’s fuel economy

October 31st, 2016

With petrol prices seemingly only ever going up, it’s more and more important that your van delivers for you on the fuel economy front. While fuel economy can vary hugely from van to van, a bit of awareness can help keep more of your fuel in the tank, and money in your pocket.

Everyone knows that the fuel economy figures released by manufacturers for new vehicles are a result of laboratory conditions, which probably couldn’t be further from the reality of driving a van in real life. As a result, you should definitely take them with a pinch of salt, but since the fuel economy test requirements haven’t changed since 1997, you can use them as guidance for comparing used vans pretty confidently.

Modern vans will offer better fuel economy, thanks to technological developments in the vehicle manufacturing world. You will still need to use a bit of common sense though. Start by considering how loading the van will affect it. If you choose a small van and end up making several trips to transport goods when a larger van could have done one trip, or you find yourself regularly overloading an underpowered van, there’s no fuel economy there.

There are plenty of ways that you as the driver can boost your fuel economy as well. Keeping an eye on the road ahead to anticipate your stopping distance will mean no late, harsh braking, which can guzzle fuel. Watch your revs while you’re on the road – a petrol engine is happy at 2000 RPM, and a diesel prefers 2500 RPM. Over rev your engine and watch the fuel disappear as it primes itself for action which may never come.

If your current van isn’t delivering on the economy front, no matter what you try, why not head over to M4 Sales, and find out how a new van can actually save you money in the long run?

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