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What has the Ford Transit van ever done for us?

March 12th, 2015

If you’re a Monty Python lover, you might remember this line being used about the Romans. It was followed by a stunning list of achievements, each reluctantly admitted. Long-term users and fervent fans of the Transit (many folk qualify under both headings) can sometimes feel that their beloved get-about and do-the-job work pal is similarly under-rated.

Amazingly, if you were to stand by a busy road and watch four vans drive past, statistically, one of them should be a Ford Transit. That’s how trusted they are to do the job in Britain today. Not bad when you then appreciate it’s been the market leader for one year shy of half-a-century! We see many a Ford Transit in Lyneham.

Why a used Ford Transit van?

Here at M4 Sales, we regularly have a wide choice of used Ford Transit vans ready for sale, and you can check the latest availability here. As to reasons, here are just five of the many that lead people in a huge range of different businesses to make this choice:

•Configurations – with many options to choose from, these panels vans, some with variant high and semi-high roofs, offer the workplace choice you need.

•Loads and volumes – so many jobs are comfortably taken care of. Both load sizes and volumes vary greatly across the range, so it’s best to examine our stock and see which ones would suit your task. Or you can just call 01793 297579 and detail your requirements to one of our friendly team.

•Valuable extra features such as wide opening doors, LED lighting in some models, and tough plastic floor load covers, help make the job that touch easier.

•Reliability is obviously a key and Ford have tested some Transits to well over half a million miles, travelling in many conditions. Durable they certainly are!

•Ford Transit MPG performance will of course vary depending on engine size and where it’s used, but, as an example, some of the more recent models return an impressive 44mpg. In the 2011 MPG Marathon, held in Gloucestershire, one vehicle hit 59mpg. Not that you’d expect anything like that in day-to-day driving, but it does indicate the importance Ford place on fuel economy!

If you have yet to choose a used Ford Transit as your reliable work partner, do come along and see what you’re missing here at M4 Van blank delivery van of my "business vehicles" series

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